Welcome. It's just better on the out there.

August 20th, 2016- Register Today!

This isn't your typical road run...

Save the road run for convenience and ease. Join us on the trail for an event that combines beauty and a well deserved challenge. Far from meh, follow one of our trail events for a run or hike to discover fulfillment and fun. Great  volunteers and community support are what make our fun possible!

Do you find your dogs fitness in need? More time for your pooch to get out for a walk or run is a real consideration. We offer personal dog walking, running and field trips. These outings will assure your dog a good time and your pooch will arrive home pleasantly satiated. See our Canine Events calendar or contact us to schedule a stroll. 

Let's get out there! Grandeur awaits those who have wondered what the remote wilderness is like. The Washington Cascades are a five star play land with old growth forests, glaciers, wildflowers and pristine lakes. Runfare will guide you on a 3 day weekend without the burdensome big backpack. Come Monday you will be rejuvenated.